Autumn Paige Photography | About

Hi, I'm Jackie Stone, owner and lead photographer of Autumn Paige Photography.  Autumn Paige is a vision of story telling through photo documentation.  This vision came to fruition through the birth of my first daughter Victoria Paige who has such a creative spirit and determination. I purchased my first Nikon when she was still a newborn and set out to learn all the ins and outs of capturing beautiful memories of this sometimes crazy journey they call 'motherhood'. My second daughter Elizabeth Autumn, who is full of sweetness and pure innocence has brought be back to the essence of simplistic beauty which I try and capture during every shoot.  They both part of what makes Autumn Paige Photography. 

Just as they are both the yin and yang to each other, so is the relationship between photographer and client. I provide the photo documentation, you provide the story.  In every shoot, I set out to capture not only creative, fun moments between families much like my Victoria Paige, but also sweet and innocent, organic shots that capture heartfelt feelings like my Elizabeth Autumn.

I thank you for the opportunity to get to know your family and help you tell your story.